As of August 2022, Pathways for Keene has raised over $650,000 for trail development for bicyclists, runners, walkers, skiers, snowshoers and other non-motorized forms of recreation and transportation throughout Keene.

Our current goal is the completion of the Transportation Heritage Trail from Eastern Ave. to Route 101, including the installation of the Prowse Bridge across Route 101 to the Stone Arch Bridge and improvements to the Stone Arch Bridge itself. After completing these pivotal projects, PFK will continue to advocate and fundraise for further expansion of the local trail network and projects related to trail use.

PFK is partnering with The Monadnock Conservancy for the Transportation Heritage Trail. As always, your donation toward the Transportation Heritage Trail is tax deductible.

In the past, PFK has worked with other organizations to generate grassroots momentum for the development of the pathways system. PFK will continue working with a diverse collection of organizations in the future to focus the further development, use, maintenance and enhancement of a pathways system that meets the needs of Keene residents and visitors.